Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Govanhill Defence Campaign: launch statement

The Govanhill Defence Campaign has been formed in order to build the maximum unity of all progressive and democratic organisations, groups and people to defend and extend our political rights.

No to political policing! Yes to our political rights!
Socialists, anti-racists and supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! have been on the receiving end of organised police interference with political expression and organisation. 3 people have now been charged with distributing a newspaper without a licence. Activists leafleting at the Job Centre have had personal details demanded of them while anti- fascists have been questioned and monitored as they met.

FRFI supporters were outside Lidl supermarket in Govanhill on Tuesday 13 July. They were protesting at the budget cuts planned by this government. The police approached, seized material and charged people involved. They have since revisited the street stalls and made further charges.

Police harass activists, 7 August

The Govanhill Defence Campaign is determined that the police will not get away with this undemocratic bullying without a public fightback against their behaviour. We assert that they have no legal basis for their actions and are actually contravening sections 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees freedom of political expression and association. We demand the dropping of all charges, the return of material and police respect for the law by ending their harassment and interference.

Support the Govanhill Defence Campaign
Already the campaign has the support of Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! / Revolutionary Communist Group and individuals from Solidarity.

Support the campaign by signing up to this statement, publicising the challenge to police interference in political organisation. Invite speakers from the campaign to your events and meetings. Raise the matter with your union, councillors, MSPs, MPs and MEPs. Join the campaign and have a say in how it is run to keep it open, active and democratic. Come to the protests, send observers, messages of support and solidarity. Send complaints to Strathclyde Police to demand they end political policing.


For more information or to join the campaign, email or phone 07734 348 065

 Please link to and post on the blog to show your support for the campaign

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