Sunday, 9 January 2011

Stand up for your rights! Street rally against polititcal policing.

stand_up_for_your_ rights
Glasgow Defence Campaign and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters today (8 January) held a “Stand up for your rights” street rally in Glasgow city centre in defence of democratic rights and in opposition to political policing. On 30 December a supporter learned that he is facing criminal prosecution for selling the newspaper Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! in Glasgow and is due to appear in court on 17 January 2011. We are clear that this citation is politically motivated and an open attempt to undermine our ability to organise against attacks on living standards in our communities. FRFI supporters have previously been charged by Strathclyde police for selling the newspaper and two are currently awaiting trial following their arrest on student demonstrations in the city last month.

The rally was a lively and militant event as over a dozen people took to the busy streets to raise awareness of growing police harassment in Glasgow and elsewhere. A large banner reading “NO to political policing!” was present throughout and an open megaphone allowed people to make their anger heard. As one young protestor made clear: “We do not have the wealth to circulate thousands of free newspapers across the country every morning but we are determined that our message is heard: we must defend our democratic rights or we risk having them taken away by the British state!” Another stated: “The establishment say that we are only out to cause trouble and destruction. Let us be clear: we are not the ones destroying already inadequate education, housing and health care; we are not the ones destroying peoples´ lives by cutting wages and benefits; we are not the ones who destroyed millions of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan! Those in power are the real troublemakers!”

In response to the intensifying state harassment, the Glasgow Defence Campaign and Glasgow FRFI have organised an open meeting on fighting the cuts and defending democratic rights. The past year in Glasgow has seen anti-fascists, Palestine solidarity campaigners, Republican activists and students all face police harassment, while in Edinburgh, three anti-cuts protestors have recently been picked up by police for participating in December´s student demos there. It is crucial that our political, organisational and legal experiences our shared for the benefit of all those active in progressive politics, and even more importantly, for those who are yet to take to the streets. All interested groups and individuals are invited to attend and speak.

Self defence is no offence!
All power to the people!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Glasgow Defence Campaign

Following the intensifying criminalisation of political activity in Glasgow and across the country, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is establishing the Glasgow Defence Campaign in order to maximise unity and resistance to this strategy of the British state. As the movement against the government´s war on the working class grows in strength and anger, it is crucial that we are able to defend the right to organise. FRFI is calling a public meeting on Wednesday 26 January to launch this campaign, and are inviting all progressive forces to attend and contribute to this meeting. 

Public meeting
Wednesday 26 January, 7pm
Fighting the cuts and defending democratic rights 
Langside Halls, 1 Langside Avenue, Shawlands, G41 2QR (opposite The Shed nightclub)
All welcome. 

Glasgow Defence Campaign:

Police arrest anti-cuts activists in Edinburgh

The below article is reproduced from the Scottish Activist Legal Project website here. Solidarity to all those facing harassment.

Edinburgh – Police action following last years anti-cuts protests

Since the anti-cuts protests in November and December several people in Edinburgh have been contacted by police about possible crimes. They have been approached either at home or on the street, and asked to go to voluntary interviews at St Leonards Police Station.

Today, two people voluntarily went to the police station to give interviews and were charged with committing offences during the November 30th Demonstration. More people have been in contact saying that they have been asked to go to police stations for interviews. Here is some information for people who have been contacted, or think they may be contacted.

● If you are suspected of committing or witnessing a crime, arrested or detained you must give your name, address, date and place of birth and nationality. Other than that, it is strongly advised that you say “no comment.” Answering any question, no matter how innocent it seems, may give information to the police which can be used against you or others.

● If you are detained or arrested you have the right to a solicitor, which the police will contact. Below is the solicitor that we recommend. You also have the right to have someone notified. Below is the number for ScALP. If you are worried, keep these numbers with you.

● If the police get in contact then please get in touch with us. We can support you and give you information about what’s going on. Either phone or text message us, or send us an email.

● As the Hitchikers Guide says, don’t panic!

Scottish Activist Legal Project:
scalp [at]

Clare Ryan (solicitor): 07977000312