Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Police arrest anti-cuts activists in Edinburgh

The below article is reproduced from the Scottish Activist Legal Project website here. Solidarity to all those facing harassment.

Edinburgh – Police action following last years anti-cuts protests

Since the anti-cuts protests in November and December several people in Edinburgh have been contacted by police about possible crimes. They have been approached either at home or on the street, and asked to go to voluntary interviews at St Leonards Police Station.

Today, two people voluntarily went to the police station to give interviews and were charged with committing offences during the November 30th Demonstration. More people have been in contact saying that they have been asked to go to police stations for interviews. Here is some information for people who have been contacted, or think they may be contacted.

● If you are suspected of committing or witnessing a crime, arrested or detained you must give your name, address, date and place of birth and nationality. Other than that, it is strongly advised that you say “no comment.” Answering any question, no matter how innocent it seems, may give information to the police which can be used against you or others.

● If you are detained or arrested you have the right to a solicitor, which the police will contact. Below is the solicitor that we recommend. You also have the right to have someone notified. Below is the number for ScALP. If you are worried, keep these numbers with you.

● If the police get in contact then please get in touch with us. We can support you and give you information about what’s going on. Either phone or text message us, or send us an email.

● As the Hitchikers Guide says, don’t panic!

Scottish Activist Legal Project:
scalp [at]

Clare Ryan (solicitor): 07977000312

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